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Mr Akin Oluwole, MB, BS, FRCS, LLM

Mr Akin Oluwole is a very experienced Consultant Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon with his NHS practice at the Nottingham University Teaching Hospitals. He specialises in the treatment of all vascular conditions, with a special interest in key-hole varicose veins and key-hole aneurysm treatments.

Mr Oluwole has been treating varicose veins since 2001, and he treats about 25 to 30 patients every month, both in his NHS and private practice.

He also treats patients with leg pain, leg ulcers, leg swelling, blocked arteries, carotid surgery for stroke prevention and all types of aneurysms.

He developed and currently leads the complex aneurysm repair program in Nottingham.

Mr Oluwole is a keen teacher who is actively involved in vascular surgery training in the UK and Africa. He is currently the Training Programme Director for Vascular Surgery with Health Education England, East Midlands, and is tasked with the responsibility of training future vascular surgeons. This is a role that keeps Mr Oluwole up to date with current teachings and research, enabling him to practice evidence-based medicine.

He also organises yearly Vascular Training Workshops for vascular surgeons.

Mr Oluwole spends his spare evenings helping in soup kitchens for the homeless with his local church in Nottingham. He also volunteers with international medical charities providing vascular service to developing countries.

His previous patients verified reviews are available on www.topdoctors.co.uk/doctor/akin-oluwole/reviews and www.iwantgreatcare.org/doctors/mr-akin-oluwole-nottingham-vascular-clinic

More information is also available on www.nottinghamvascularsurgery.co.uk

Mr Oluwole can be available for a free pre-consultation phone call on 07733116761 to plan your consultation and investigations at your convenience.